*  Bella's Ball - Follow Bella on her great adventure and find out what magic awaits her. 
*  Alter-Sphere Megamorphis - A Sci-Fi Adventure (currently under revisions)

*  The Ecopod - A Sci-Fi Adventure (original version was Alter-Sphere Megamorphis)

*  Greyson and the Gargoyles - Magical Fantasy series.

   Windy Wishingwell series

*   Riding Shotgun for Santa - Can Windy defeat the Evil Elf? 

*  The Teapot Dream - Flushed into a crazy world where kitchen utensils rule. Can she escape?
*  The Magical Land of Horses - A secret world where children ride horses all night and snack       on candy landscapes. But she broke the sacred rule, will she be able to go back?

* Always Chasing Rainbows.  Can she get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

Other Works by Sandy: