~~Adventurous and Magical! A sweet story for young girls (preteens) about an eight year old girl's birthday. Her grandmother's gift allows her to travel to beautiful and educational locations. This gift also allows her to be safe during her travels. Wonderful story for bedtime, etc.    63ImpalaGuy

~~Great story and imagination ~~My nieces loved it. They ask for it to be read over and over. Have already and would certainly recommend to many others!        Melisa Gilbert

~~Bella's Ball is a beautiful, easy read of imagination and adventure!, ~~I bought this book for my granddaughters, sisters who are 2 and 4 years old! I can hardly wait to read it to them! I absolutely love it and know they will as well. I am going to order another copy for my grandson who is also 4 years old. I highly recommend this delightful book to anyone who loves children to read. It will make you feel like a child again! Bravo Sandy! Please write another!        Debbie Amend

~~What a nice easy read adventure for my boys!!!! Every children's library should have one of these great books. I loved it!        Jeff R. Perkins

Altersphere Megamorphis

April 25, 2002
I’m not much of a Science Fiction fan, but once I picked up Alter Sphere MegaMorphis, I couldn’t put it down. This book is not only well written, but very exciting! An excellent story that everyone can relate to. I can’t wait for Sandy’s next book! Viola Sanchez Retired in Oregon
April 20, 2002
This book is STAR WARS ON STEROIDS!!!! All the fun of Star Wars mixed with Indiana Jones thrilling adventure, plus a strong emotional impact. A must read for everyone!
Roger W. Ayala

Bella's Ball

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